Monday, October 19, 2015

School Posters

After several weeks of seeing this poster in a stairwell at school, I asked, "Can we take down the poster that glorifies gun suicide?" I got a lot of questions about which poster I meant. When I pointed it out to co-workers, they said, "I wouldn't have seen it that way." What other way is there to see that? One guy said, "I'd have to know the cultural context, because this hand signal means 'eight' to some Chinese people." Yeah, that's exactly what they're doing, they're holding a number eight next to their temples, sticking out their tongues and rolling their eyes back in their heads. Those things go together. The poster is still in the stairwell.

Elsewhere in my school is a map showing where all the top universities in the U.S. are located. Not all of the locations are exactly correct, but at least they're in the correct state. Except for Johns Hopkins University.

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