Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Credit Scores Have Eyes

Here's a blog post about Chinese credit scores being based on political opinions...of your friends. To me, the end of the current regime just became a lot more certain, a lot further in the future, and a lot more violent.

As I've recently told my wife (who has to listen to all the crackpot opinions that are too insane for my blog--think about just how saintlike this woman actually is), I don't see what China offers to American businesses that India doesn't also offer. India also has a massive potential middle class, while having a lot more English capability and nowhere near the political baggage. I guess China is a 20 years further down the road of economic development, but what you pay for that is being plundered by industrial espionage. If I wanted to get in on an emerging market, I'd skip the hassle that is China and go to India.

By the way, the comments section of an ACLU blog is a parody of Internet comments sections. Alternating comments between "That can never happen here!" and "It's already happening here!"

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