Sunday, November 29, 2015


According to my Blogger dashboard, this is my 2,500th post.

I think I've written before about how I was tricked into blogging. My wife's friend started a blog and my wife wanted to comment and, when she had finished registering to have a profile for commenting, found she had accidentally set up a blog. I laughed at her for her inability to figure out the website. And then, about two weeks later, when I wanted to comment on my wife's blog, the same thing happened to me.

I think I thought that I'd become somewhat famous and/or rich from this. (Disclosure: neither of those things has happened.) I wouldn't be the Mary Higgins Clark of blogging, but the Chuck Palahniuk: when two people learned that they both liked reading A Random Stranger, they would take it as evidence that they should be best friends for life.

Instead. Instead of that, I'm a dude who's live-blogging his professional failures. That wasn't what I thought I'd be getting. I thought I'd be getting the ability to comment on my wife's blog.

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