Monday, November 09, 2015

The State of Education

Here is a series of articles about various things wrong with education.

  • Here's an article about a San Francisco junior high school where the (white) principal canceled the student body elections after too many white students won. The principal told a TV news crew, "That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure the voices are all heard, from all backgrounds." I have two problems with that. The first is the assumption that a representative must share my race for my voice to be heard. The second is that she is ignoring that their voices were heard in the election, which she decided to ignore, which is something obvious enough that a seventh-grader notes in the article. The principal says she wanted to "capitalize on a teachable moment." So do I: everyone should realize that this is the kind of race-based crap that passes for "education" in public schools these days.
  • The University of Missouri doesn't have a racism problem. It has a drinking problem, like virtually every other college in America. Students go to college to have a four-year bacchanalia and do all the things society had told them they weren't supposed to do. Surprise surprise, on that list of things, for some students, is "say stupid racist stuff." But some taboo stuff is cool and some is beyond uncool. A group of protesting students (led by a student who is blaming the university president for the economic consequences of Obamacare) wanted the university president to resign for not taking their pain seriously, as near as I can tell. The university president has now resigned. The hunger-striking student has ended his hunger strike. Perhaps worth noting: no racist incident was stopped or punished, and no graduate student had his health insurance restored. But who cares about stuff like that, right?
  • What if you say, "Free speech allows racist students to say racist things?" Well, that defense of free speech doesn't play well at Yale. Again with the call to "recognize my experiences." If there's no God to recognize you, I guess the next best thing is recognition by all of existence. Expect these and similarly idiotic students to be emboldened by the results at Mizzou.
  • Here's what people really care about in American education these days: protecting the rights of boys to say they're girls so they get to shower in the girls' locker room. It makes sense that, now that Obama has fixed Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Russia, immigration, health care, and student loans, he would move on to such a trivial issue, right? Here's my question: if sex is a biological fact (if I left my blood behind at a crime scene, investigators would know I am male), why do we accommodate people who want to deny that fact? If a student insisted that he was King of England, the school wouldn't be requiring everyone to address the kid as "Your Highness," they would be getting him psychological counseling. But if the student wants to insist he's a girl, everybody better accommodate that with a quickness.

The biggest issues on American campuses today are race and sex identities. Remember that when you wonder why American wages are stagnating relative to world wages, or why American businesses want free immigration.

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