Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Donald Trump Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we had some people from church invite us over. It was the hosts, an Australian family, a family that tries my patience, and us. In all, 20 people were there.

At one point, the hostess and the couple that tries my patience started a political discussion. The hostess started it, by bemoaning those who want to block Syrian refugees. I feel like the hostess is mature enough and intelligent enough that, while she has strong opinions and makes them known, we could have had a civil conversation looking at both sides of the issue. But the other couple, well....

The husband kept talking about "how crazy it is that Donald Trump is leading after some of the things he's said." He kept presenting it that way, "some of the things he's said," without specifying which of the "things he's said" should have disqualified him. Is this because he doesn't actually know anything that Donald Trump has actually said? Now, I'm not a Trump supporter, and I have a history of voting Libertarian when the Republican candidate is underwhelming (I backed the 'Stache in 2008), so I've got no problem with people criticizing Donald Trump. But the more he talked in very general terms, the more I came to believe he has no idea what Donald Trump is about. He's only responding to the idea that "smart people think Trump's a joke, and I want to be a smart person, too!" He expressed amazement that Trump has any support at all, which means he has no grasp on what matters to the majority of Americans.

Then he said, "You know what, if he actually ends up running, I would love to support Bernie Sanders." And that was when I knew this guy was a clown. First of all, Bernie Sanders has been in something like three presidential debates so far, so why the qualifier "if he actually ends up running"? Secondly, you don't go from the Republican Party to Bernie Sanders unless you're just chasing the tail of whatever appears popular at the time. I get it: the dude's spent a lot of time around statists and wants to appear smart and open-minded, so he's going to say, "I could get behind your wack-job candidate."

Later, his wife explained parliamentary democracy to an Australian woman and the hostess, who is Canadian.

But it wasn't all bad. At one point, for some reason I don't know, the Australian woman said to her son, "That's not a knife." It was like I was having my Thanksgiving dinner with Crocodile Dundee himself!

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Nancy said...

You failed to note that the "tried your patience" couple is also the first people we met here who met all of our questions with, "I don't know where to buy that, we just send our driver out for it." And who also told our daughter about how bad homeschooling is (even though she was aware our daughter is homeschooled).