Monday, December 14, 2015

Eating At the Brown Door

My wife has heard good things about a restaurant near the Pearl Market called The Brown Door. I said to my son, "That sounds like a euphemism for a bumhole. In fact, I think that's what we'll call it in this family from now on."

Last weekend my wife and I went shopping at the Pearl Market, and when we finished, we crossed the street and ate at The Brown Door.

It was pretty good. The jiaozi had anise in them, for some reason, which made them gross. (Black licorice sucks, people! Stop cooking with it, for Pete's sake!) The rest of the food was very good. When we got back home, I told my son, "There was nothing even-remotely bumhole-like about it." My wife said, "Will you stop equating gross things to food?!" I said, "I'm not talking about the food at all. It's not like I'm saying a dish looks like tiny brown balloon knots."

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