Friday, December 11, 2015

Not All Long-Lasting Memories Are Equal

Because I have a lot of Facebook friends who live in Utah Valley, I saw posts about this property listing. Like with all good real estate porn, I was equally disgusted and titillated. I hate that it exists but I want to live there. I thought about blogging my response to it, but I decided not to. The main emotion I feel is disapproval, but I'm not supposed to condemn people I don't know for things I barely online once.

Now I see it's been turned into a Yahoo News story and I want to comment on just one portion of it. It's the part that says the owner's motivation was "to create a place where memories could be made to last a lifetime." When I read that, I thought, "The only way to build memories was to spend $20 million on a vacation property?" (The Yahoo story clarifies that the house actually cost $32 million to build.) I don't know. I just think that for that much money, you could have built a totally kick-ass medical clinic in some country with a really low HDI number, like Niger, and taken the whole family there for a few weeks every summer, and the memories made there would be equally long-lasting. Though they would be different, I'll grant you that: in Africa the memories would be of spending your resources to help others, while in Orem the memories were of spending your resources on yourself.

Like I said, I don't know the dude, I don't know his situation. I'm sure his family needs 20 bathrooms for some reason (just this morning I had to wait while both bathrooms and the training potty were occupied; the struggle is real, yo). And what I hate most about this is that, if I had $20 million dollars sitting around, I would probably buy this place. Which is a really good reason that God keeps me from having $20 million dollars sitting around.

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