Monday, December 14, 2015

Peeing on Display

A British colleague of mine who's new this year was concerned about the lack of teacher's restrooms. He said, "Students and teachers sharing a washroom wouldn't fly in the UK." I said, "Wait until you go use the gym locker room."

The bathroom on our floor has a frosted window, but that window is always open, because every Chinese bathroom, no matter how fancy the building, smells like an open sewer. (Because the mechanics of a squat toilet means each bathroom is an open sewer.) The position of the urinals right next to the window wouldn't normally be a problem on the third floor. Except the building takes a corner, and so right outside the bathroom window is a classroom window.

From penis-height, you can see several desks in the classroom (including the desk of the teacher, a young woman).

This from the culture that reedited a prime-time TV show to show less cleavage.

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