Monday, December 07, 2015

This Is Honestly Insane

Is this really where we are now, that there are eight sets of gender pronouns (nine, if we count the pronounless option), and we are supposed to introduce ourselves by stating our preferred gender pronoun?

This is crazy. Seriously crazy. As in, the word "crazy" was invented to describe just this type of thinking.

If I told the world, "Refer to me as a chimpanzee," I would be a candidate for psychiatric evaluation, even though I have something like 70% DNA similarity with a chimp. If I insisted that I actually am a chimpanzee, I'd be insane. But a man who is genetically male, anatomically male, a socially male can declare a desire to be considered female and suddenly we all have to agree.

This is another example that supports my theory: atheists require the omnipotence of God and so demand society fill the role their denial of God has left vacant. "How dare you try to fit me into your 'either/or' framework?! You must perfectly know me individually to be able to speak (or think) about me at all!" You know who actually can perfectly know you? God. But since we're all pretending He doesn't exist, we make society do His jobs, instead. So society has to acknowledge all my grievances, and society must right all wrongs in my life.

This theory has come up enough in my blog posts lately that it needs a name. Sociotheism? Anthrotheism? I'm leaning towards the second one.

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