Saturday, January 02, 2016


How many things have I done for ten straight years? Be married (coming up on 15 years), be a dad (over 13 years, now), and be a failure (just over 38 years on that one), but most other things in my life, I have not done for ten straight years. So today I come to praise A Random Stranger, not to bury him.

How much has my blog changed in ten years? Well, not much, as you can see here. After a first year where I was still developing the habit of blogging, I've settled into an average of just under 21 posts each month (curiously, the average month has 21 work days in it). Here's a handy graph that helps you see all my psychological changes at a glance (look how much I hated myself in 2014!).

I used to think this blog would die when I became a public figure of slight renown. Now I think it's much more likely that my blog will last until Google says, "Blogger's just hemorrhaging money," and pulls the plug. Either way, no one will notice at all.

What do the next ten years hold in store here at A Random Stranger? Fake identity reveals, where I tell you I'm the guy who played Marshall on Alias? Celebrity weddings? I think it's almost my turn to marry a Kardashian, or at least one of Honey Boo-Boo's relatives. (Here's hoping I don't draw Mamma June.) Well, whatever comes in the next ten years, you can be pretty sure I'll write 21 blog posts each month about it.

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Stephen Harkleroad said...

Here's hoping for another ten!