Sunday, January 03, 2016

Ushered Out the Door

My school meets with the teachers whose contracts are expiring and reviews whether the school would like to offer the teachers another contract, and whether the teachers would like to accept. Well, I guess I should say that's what they normally do. That's what they do for everyone else, but I guess I'm special, because I received different treatment.

More and more of my colleagues were having their meetings and coyly discussing the results, but my meeting was still unscheduled. I mentioned to my office-mate that it seemed like they didn't want me back and just couldn't be bothered to tell me. He said there was no way that was true. (He's only been here four months.) He said it was much more likely that either I was accidentally overlooked because I'm in two different programs and both academic principals thought the other was handling my interview, or the school didn't know yet what to offer me because some higher-up teachers weren't decided yet about whether they were returning. But as the time for my interview became more and more overdue, I eventually decided I needed to initiate it.

I asked my more-competent academic principal if he knew why I hadn't heard anything yet. Thanks to his competency, he went to his boss and had an answer within a day. Then he asked me to come meet with him.

Remember when Undergraduate U. made me come in for an in-person rejection of my graduate school application? That's what this felt like. So to start the meeting, I said, "I wasn't trying to orchestrate an in-person rejection. I've been working under the assumption that the school is not going to offer me a renewal, but I just need to know if the way I'm reading the school is accurate." He said, "I asked [his boss] and said I just needed a yes or a no and she said no."

Maybe someday I'll write about the ways in which this school and I were a bad fit for each other. But for now, I just know that I'm done working at this school in six months.

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