Monday, February 15, 2016

A Coming Conflict

China has taken a page from the American playbook and decided that national boundaries are no limitation on national law. Recent events have included Chicom "private eyes" of sorts tracking down dissidents in American and "convincing" them to return to China, China kidnapping British and Swedish citizens in Thailand and Hong Kong because they've been using their Hong Kong bookstores to sell books that disparage Xi Jingping, China attempting to censor an art show held in Bangladesh, and China ordering more propaganda work among Chinese nationals studying overseas.

Meanwhile, Chinese students overseas are converting to Christianity in increasing numbers. As China moves towards becoming the home of the largest collection of Christians in the world, and as Christians begin to outnumber Communist Party members, China has announced plans to develop a "state-approved" version of Christianity.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Second Boxer Rebellion.

A few weeks ago I asked my students, "Can I at least get a promise from you that, in the event of a China-U.S. war, you won't try to kill me?" One of my students said, unjokingly, "Promises mean nothing."

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