Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Mr. Websley is a MONSTER!

Lots of our children have watched the LeapFrog letter and number videos, but there's this one scene of "Letter Factory" that seems especially terrible to me.

Notice that the mis-formed H can say, "And the [unintelligible] says..." just fine, so he's sentient and capable of speech. No matter: he still gets sent down the garbage chute to oblivion.

Some might say, "Mr. Websley is just a potential investor. He's not responsible!" But isn't Tad's dad brutalizing the letters because that's what Mr. Websley has made clear he requires in any letter factory that wants his investment?! Notice the way he looks at the problem like, "Homie don't play dat!"

This is like the pre-schooler's version of Heart of Darkness.

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