Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Readings in Unity

Yesterday for my morning reading (I feel weird using the term "devotional reading," but I'm not reading scriptures, so I can't say it was "scripture reading"), I read this quote from Lorenzo Snow.

If we have division in our midst; if we be divided either spiritually or temporally, we never can be the people that God designs us to become, nor can we ever become instruments in His hands of making the world believe that the holy Priesthood has been restored, and that we have the everlasting Gospel. (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, pp. 196-7)

And then last night for our evening couple reading (again, we're not actually reading scriptures), we read the sustaining and releasing of church officers from last General Conference.

What do these have to do with each other? Well, it's become a commonplace occurrence for people to object to the sustaining of the church leaders. This means that the transcript contains the response, "The vote has been noted," as well as an invitation for the objectors to contact their stake presidents to express their concerns.

While we were reading last night, I was struck with just how damaging their objections are. Far, far more damaging than if they were to leave the body of the church. As long as we have these objectors who pride themselves on their objections, the church is not united. We cannot build Zion and we cannot be recognized as the Lord's people. The church is stagnating because of a small group of members who take pleasure in objecting from within. (And then they say, "See, my objections are well-founded because the church is stagnating under this benighted leadership!")

Anyway, yesterday I had a bit more understanding of the importance of unity, be it within the nation, within the church, or within the home. I'm doing a poor job with all three.

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