Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reese-Eees Piece-Eees?

Like a correct person, I have always pronounced the name "Reese's" as "REE-says." Everyone I knew did this. I never had cause to doubt it.

Then one day, about five years ago, we were driving through Romney, West Virginia, and we stopped at a Dairy Queen. I ordered a Reese's Blizzard and the woman had a hard time understanding me. Then she said, "Oh, REE-SEES."

I chalked it up to the eccentricities of West Virginians. But later we moved to western Ohio and many non-idiot people we met there also said the name as "REE-SEES."

Here's the deal, though: this isn't just a matter of "tomato/tomahto." Because we know how to pronounce the word "pieces". So even if we don't know if H.B. Reese pronounced his name as "REES" or as "REES-EEE," we can be sure that no company on Earth would develop a candy intended to be called "REE-SEES Pieces."

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