Tuesday, February 09, 2016

So Many Notches in His Belt

Our oldest son, Articulate Joe, had a belt that eventually died. But one Saturday while we were browsing the Racist Alley Market (so named by our family because it's the one with the vendor selling busts of Hitler), I noticed a guy who makes belts. Perfect! A few weeks later, when it was Joe's turn to go to lunch with me, we walked down to get him a new belt.

I showed the guy the dead belt and pointed at Joe. The guy picked out a strip of leather and set to work. The leather strips already had the end with the holes finished. I figured he would cut off the excess from the other end. But no. For some reason, he decided to keep the belt adult length, and just put a new set of belt holes in the middle of the belt.

As we walked home, I told Joe, "Sorry, he kind of made it a weird." Joe said, "I can just keep this belt for the rest of my life." Well, there certainly is plenty of room for additional holes as needed.

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