Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baseless Speculation is My New Forte

My contract in China is up soon. We're looking for a new job, and some of my looking has included other positions in China. My wife is not that excited about the idea of staying longer. "China is going nuts," she said. Part of her reason for thinking that is the increasingly illiberal government. The Internet has been terrible for all of March, and some of that could be a response to this anonymous call for Xi Jinping's resignation. Yesterday news came that (perhaps?) the Chinese government wants Chinese Internet service providers to block websites lacking Chinese domain names. And of course there's the on-going oscillation between market discipline and protectionism. The books of 2075 detailing what went on behind the scenes in China in 2016 are going to be fascinating.

In response to my wife's claim that China is going nuts, I countered, "But America is going more nuts right now." The somewhat-Bernie-Sanders-inspired strong-arm protests at Donald Trump rallies promise a summer of insanity the likes of which has not been seen at least since 1968.

I said, "Here's what we're going to do: we'll go home at the end of this contract like we're planning, and while we're gone China will lose a war with the United States in the South China Sea and then they'll have a coup like Argentina did when they lost the Falklands War and we'll come back in September."

My wife had two responses First, she wondered if the United States could really defeat China in a war. But second, she said, "You can't schedule the coup like that. You're not on the coup-planning committee." I said, "Shows what you know." And then I said loudly to the walls, "Of course I'm not!"

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