Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Early Morning Soccer - Now With Extra Earliness!

Starting about four years ago or so, I started waking up at 7:30 AM on Saturdays to watch the Premier League game of the week on American TV. The first time I woke up my oldest son, Articulate Joe, to watch with me. It was Arsenal versus Queens Park Rangers, and Arsenal won, so ever since then, he's been an Arsenal fan.

Now we live in China, where England's "Saturday afternoon" games are "Saturday bedtime" games, not "Saturday crack of dawn" games. We can't watch them because of early morning church and its commute. But Champions League games start at 3:30 AM. And since I'm supposed to be getting up at 3 AM, anyway, we have moved to watching those.

This morning I woke up Articulate Joe and Jerome Jerome the Metronome to watch the second leg of the Arsenal/Barcelona tie. I said, "Arsenal needs three goals, and here comes the first one right...HERE!" just as Mohamed Elneny scored, but there were no more goals to follow for Arsenal. And once Bitey scored for Barcelona, the boys went back to bed.

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