Sunday, March 06, 2016

Where to Go Next?

My contact is up this summer, so my family and I are looking for our next opportunity. The other day, someone brought up the idea of taking a different job still here in Beijing. I came home and asked my family what they thought. Jerome said he wouldn't agree to it because, "That means two more years away from macaroni and cheese." Since we're all going to be in America for at least two months this summer, anyway, I asked, "What if we agreed to allow you to eat macaroni and cheese every day while you're in the US this summer?" He said, "Then I'd agree, but at the end of the summer I'd change my mind, so I got TWO MONTHS OF MAC AND CHEESE!" He has this way of giggling maniacally when he finds himself especially funny, and this was a time he was quite proud of his hilarity.

Yesterday in church a guy gave me some advice on jobs to seek in Korea, so when I sat down with my family, I sent around this poll.

That's one yes, three maybes, and one no. (Although that one no might be entirely the result of Korea's macaroni and cheese deficiency.) Articulate Joe expressed what perhaps we all were thinking: "too close to N[orth] K[orea]."

For two years, now, I've been saying, "I'm not sure I want to come back to the US during the summer of 2016; things are going to get NUTS!" To those of you who thought I was being overly dramatic, I'd like to remind you that the presidential election is shaping up to be a contest between an unstable popularist and a felonious statist, all under the watchful care of a meddling narcissist with a naked contempt for the Constitution. Good luck with that.

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