Sunday, April 24, 2016

Temporary Reprieve

I once read a blog post where a person was asking for advice regarding which antivirus software to run on a computer he would be bringing to China on a vacation. One reply stuck with me: the commenter recommended, "Don't bring any Internet-connected device to China that you want to use again once you leave."

My family has experienced worsening Internet conditions over the past two months. Our VPN service works less and less, and when it does work, it doesn't really. For instance, the VPN will say we're routed through a server in Dallas, but search results will be in Chinese. My workplace VPN mysteriously refuses to load Google sites, even though my work insists it's a totally legit service and they don't doctor it.

Well, towards the end of last week, I discovered that some of my problems go away if I use Chrome instead of Firefox. While I'm not that happy about it, because I dislike Google, it's a way of doing what I have to do online.

I have 75 days left in China.

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