Monday, September 19, 2016

Old Boys' Club

We've recently moved into a new ward. It seems we're the first new people in this ward in about 35 years.

If we checked the records we might see that's an exaggeration, but based on the way people behave in our ward, it's not much of one. They seem unable to realize that some people in the ward don't already have all the institutional knowledge available.

Our ward has a "linger longer" dinner periodically, but for some reason they call it "dinner on the grounds." Now, when you hear the words "dinner on the grounds," does it not imply that you will be eating outside, on the grounds, if not actually outside on the ground? Nope, this dinner is in the gym, just like any other Mormon ward dinner.

My wife reports that someone asked in Relief Society if they could use a more-apt name. This sister said, "I visit teach someone who isn't going to come because she thinks it's outside on the ground." Oh, how the ladies laughed at that! And then they kept right on calling it "dinner on the grounds."

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