Friday, September 23, 2016

What Katy DIDN'T Do Was Make Her Books Easy to Get

Last summer I read this article about Jacqueline Wilson's new book Katy, an updated version of Susan Coolidge's What Katy Did with some significant changes. I thought reading both books and analyzing their differences and similarities would make a good school project for Crazy Jane, who was going into eighth grade. However, we were living in China, where books were more difficult and expensive for us to get. When it turned out we couldn't get an e-book of the Wilson volume (with this being 1986 and all, it's to be understood), we postponed the project to this year. While the material is below her grade level, I think the project will be a good fit, and perhaps it's best to learn more-difficult analysis with easier material.

To get things moving, we went to the library to check out the Coolidge book. But the library didn't have it, so we had to request it from elsewhere in the system. While we waited for it, my wife ordered the Wilson book online.

When the Wilson book arrived in the mail, it turned out to be a free sample of the first 50 pages, sold to us as the entire book. She wrote to the bookseller and they are supposedly mailing us a copy of the entire book now. Maybe someday in the next five years, we'll have copies of both books in the house and the comparative literature class can commence!

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