Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Five Unrelated Things

We evacuated over the weekend and returned Sunday because the utility company's website said our power was restored. It actually was restored a few hours ago today (Wednesday).

In the Mumford & Sons song "Sigh No More," the lyrics begin, "Sigh no more no more." But doesn't that mean "start sighing"?

Also from Mumford & Sons, another entry in the list of songs with lyrics that are really saying the opposite of the explicit meaning of the words. "But there will come a time you'll see / with no more tears / and love will not break your heart / but dismiss your fears" is saying that right now you're crying a lot and love is breaking your heart.

There are two ways to get to my office, which is on the third floor. The main stairwell has 15 stairs to a landing, 11 stairs to the second floor, nine stairs to a landing, and 15 stairs to the third floor. The back stairwell has 16 stairs to a landing, 10 stairs to the second floor, seven stairs to a landing, nine stairs to a landing, and eight stairs to the third floor. What kind of jackass architects did they have designing this place?! Why is the first floor 26 stairs tall and the second floor is only 24 stairs tall? Why not 25 each? And why can't the landing be halfway up the flight, like everywhere else in the world? And the second flight on the back stairs could EASILY be divided into three segments of equal length, but instead they made a lot of extra work for themselves to make sure they were all different. I hate it.

In the movie Two Weeks Notice Lucy Kelson's friend Meryl yells at her husband Tom, "Everything is not about you!" But what she really means to say is, "Not everything is about you!" They have very distinct meanings. (Now that I've written this, I'm pretty sure I've written it once before on my blog. As you can tell, this bothers me a lot.)

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