Friday, October 14, 2016

Is This the Untimely End of Milhouse?

Blogging was a lot easier back when I hated most things. Now the only thing I really hate is me.

I used to get a lot of mileage out of politics and the fools surrounding me. Politics has become ridiculously uninteresting. The next president will probably be either a terrible person who will cause irreparable harm to our republic or...a terrible person who will cause irreparable harm to our republic. And yet something like 80% of Americans takes comfort in the thought, "Well, MY terrible person is a different kind of terrible from that OTHER one." I'm going to be voting for Gary Johnson this election, not because he's wonderful, but because he won't burn the whole thing down. But we're past the point where a blog post is going to cut through the mood affiliation.

Several years ago I stumbled upon one of the truths of life: it's harder to be charitable when you're paying attention. And since I need to have charity, I've starting trying to not pay attention. This dramatically reduces the opportunities for "listen to what this jackass did at the grocery store today!" posts.

It's not that the world isn't a terrible place, but that I've come to see more clearly that the biggest problem with the world is me. At least, it's the only one I can hope to address in any meaningful way. But that doesn't make for good blog reading. "Hey, here's another short-coming I've been making zero progress on for almost 40 years." Posts like that would take my double-digit readership down into the single digits with a quickness.

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