Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Soundtrack of Our Long Car Trips

Thanksgiving saw us drive a long distance to my sister's house, which meant I listened to some Taylor Swift again. ("A Random Stranger, cut the crap, we all know you have a Pandora station that's 100% Tay Tay and that's all you listen to at work!") ANYWAY...I was reminded of another lyrical improvement I'd recommend to Ms. Swift. In "Blank Space" when she says "Rose garden filled with thorns" I think the song would be enhanced if she said "Rose garden, pelvic floors." And it gives new meaning to the next line: "Keep you guessing".

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Alanna said...

This reminds me of the Brooklyn 9-9 episode (do you watch this show??? It's one of my favorites) where the Andy Samberg character takes tries to lie in a lie detector test that his favorite musician is Jay-Z and then has to admit that really it's Taylor Swift. "She makes me feel things!" he says, to which Terry responds, "She makes us ALL feel things!"