Thursday, March 09, 2017

Singing Hymns

I think our ward chorister made a mistake recently that resulted in our ward singing the same four hymns two weeks in a row. One of the hymns was "Thy Spirit, Lord, Hath Stirred Our Souls."

Now, usually I try to sing without the hymnal. I find having to remember the words makes me actually think about the words more than I otherwise would. But I don't have all the hymns memorized. And, even though it was our second week in a row singing it, I don't yet know the words to "Thy Spirit, Lord, Hath Stirred Our Souls." So I had to make them up.

Thy spirit, Lord, hath stirred our souls:

it's stirred them up real good now.

Not much has stirred our souls this much.

I'm telling you they're super stirred.

How stirred our souls? From one to ten,

it's easily eleven.


Nancy said...

I actually LOLed... and I was standing next to you while you sang it in church (but couldn't quite hear your words).

Stephen said...

Weirdly enough, I was always super impressed that you never used the hymnal, and told myself I needed to learn the hymns better like you. I haven't yet, and now that I know my idol has feet of clay, I probably never will.