Thursday, March 02, 2017

Social Media Honesty v. Attention Whoring

One of the biggest complaints about how others use social media is that they are fundamentally dishonest with their posting. "Everyone only shares what's good," this complaint goes, "and no one ever shares what's bad, and as a result I feel like a failure because I'm comparing my life to edited versions of my friends' lives."

This complaint is probably second only to the complaint that our friends are being attention whores with posts inviting sympathy.

Make up your minds, people. Either you want your friends to tell you everything or you don't. When a friend has an unending stream of "my life is awesome!" posts, you claim she's fake. When she mixes it up with a few "my life is terrible!" posts, you claim she's an attention whore. What you really want is a friend who posts nothing but reactions to what you've posted. Because you're a narcissist.

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Alanna said...

All the political postings were making me long for friends who would just post pictures of their dinner. I would even be happy with the "my life is better than yours" stuff now! (Instead, I've just removed myself from Facebook. I don't think the outrage is going to die out for at least four more years...)