Tuesday, March 07, 2017

"The Holy Roman Empire Was Neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor an Empire. Discuss."

My blog is included on an aggregator called Mormon Blogosphere. It's found under the heading "The 'Y' and LDS Student Blogs." I feel like I'm guilty of misleading someone to show up in this group.

I attended BYU for three semesters, which not-coincidentally is the fastest someone can fail out of BYU (Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Academic Dismissal). As for being an LDS student: I guess, sort of. I still have to register for school each semester, but writing a dissertation as you approach 40 years old isn't exactly what people are looking for when they want to read an LDS student blog. ("What ARE they looking for?" I don't know, judgmentalism and super dates? Zing!)

In terms of "life successes," I totally fit in this category, though. I have the young Mormon's business plan down pat (1. Show up. 2. ? 3. Get rich.), and I am constantly telling myself that, six months from now, I'll be totally killing it! But I think most people expect a youth component to an LDS student blog, and no matter how you define it, I'm all out of youth.

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