Saturday, April 01, 2017

I Am Freaking Akela!

Our Cub Scout pack is running on fumes. I don't mean this as a criticism, just an observation. Our Cub Scout leaders are three single mothers, all of whom work full-time jobs, and two of whom are enrolled in night school. I'm not trying to be critical of how they run the pack; I'm amazed and grateful that it is running at all.

But the fact is, a lot doesn't get done, such as going to the council office and buying awards. I was going to that side of town this morning, so we contacted one of the pack leaders and asked if she would want me to get the pack's awards while I was there. She gratefully said yes.

One of the awards I needed to get was my son's Wolf badge. When I got to the counter, the worker told me I can't buy that without documentation that it was earned. I could fill out a form that said it was a replacement, and they would then check to make sure it was actually earned, but if the leaders had not previously come in to declare the legitimacy of the award, it would appear to be unearned.

What's more, she told me that rank advancements are to be given once each year, at the Blue-and-Gold banquet. I said to her, "I would not participate in a program like that." She didn't appreciate that.

Is this seriously the approved program? We tell a nine-year-old boy to wait up to 11 months to receive an award he earned? And this boy is supposed to be excited to be in this program? Where else in life do we make someone wait 10 percent of his life to receive the benefits of his completed accomplishments?

And what documentation is really necessary when I AM AKELA!?!?! Give me a paper and I will create the documentation. If a parent can sign off all the requirements of the Wolf badge, then keeping a parent from buying the badge is just asinine busy-bodyness.

On Monday I will be writing a letter to the local council and the national organization about the stupidity of making rank advancements a once-each-year thing, and the odious, needless bureaucracy that keeps Akela from buying the badges that Akela can award.

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