Monday, April 03, 2017

The Broken System of Academia

Here's an article about a guy who solved a long-unsolved mathematical problem and was ignored by the mathematics academic community because he:

  1. didn't use the correct word-processing program.
  2. proved something that people had lied about proving in the past.
  3. was not incentivized to participate in the byzantine peer-review process.
  4. published in an obscure journal of which he is an editor.
One man said, "It was clearly a lack of communication in an age where it’s very easy to communicate." But was it a lack of communication? He typed up his paper, posted it to an appropriate website, e-mailed it to people working on the problem, and published in an academic journal. Communication was happening, it just wasn't happening in the way the system prefers. Perhaps it's the system, not the communication, that's at fault.

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