Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another City on My Black List: Daytona Beach, FL

About seven or eight years ago, our family stopped at a drive-through in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where we paid over 10-percent sales tax. We have made sure to never again make a purchase within the city limit of Harrisonburg. How's that confiscation working for you NOW, idiots?

This past weekend, we went to the Orlando Florida Temple and stopped in Daytona Beach to buy a few things. Our receipts show we paid a "public usage fee," which is separate from the sales tax.

Sales tax is already a morally-bankrupt concept: absent the presence of the state, orderly transaction would be impossible. Wow, I guess it's a good thing the state coordinated my marriage or else I would still be single. Oh, wait, I was able to enter the most-important contractual arrangement of my life without a bureaucrat. But I guess I somehow wouldn't be able to buy a pair of pants without one.

Now on top of sales tax, I'm being charged a fee for being a member of the public with the gall to shop at a business. Congrats, Daytona Beach, you've joined Harrisonburg on my list of cities I will never shop in again.

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