Friday, June 23, 2017

The Shame-Free Society

There's a large push in modern society to eliminate shame. Whether it's "fat-shaming" or "slut-shaming" or any other type of shaming, there are those who want to end the ability of someone to convey to another that standards of decency are not being met. This is irrespective of whether or not the activity or behavior in question is, in fact, shameful (in the sense that society or at least the individual suffers as a result).

(What's ironic is that they are not actually opposed to the concept of shame, since they are more than willing to shame those who are "wrongfully" shaming others.)

I thought of this when I read this in Richard E. Wagner's To Promote the General Welfare

the concept of dignity implies a concept of shame. [p. 41]
If there is no longer anything that can properly be called shameful, then we can no longer consider anything dignified. If we surrender the concept of blameworthy behavior, we must also surrender the concept of praiseworthy behavior.

The slayers of shaming don't acknowledge this. They think they can end the awarding of disapprobation while maintaining the awarding of approbation, but the failure to award approbation is just disapprobation by another name. When we finally live in the shame-free society, we will find we have no dignity remaining.


Alanna said...

In a society where Buzzfeed employees make a video on how to paint with your own menstrual blood, we CLEARLY no longer believe in exemplary behavior any more.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Buzzfeed made the video, but you WATCHED IT?!

Alanna said...

I did NOT watch it. I just read about it on The Daily Wire. I'm not that depraved. Yet.