Public School Problems

  • A four-year-old in a pre-K class in Raeford, NC, had her lunch reviewed for nutritional content. It was deemed insufficient, and she was forced to take a school lunch, and her parents were notified that they could be billed for it. (link)
  • A five-year-old in a kindergarten class in Olathe, KS, was required to color a picture of the mascot of her favorite college's rival. She asked for an alternative but was denied, and when she still refused, the teacher angrily confronted the girl's mother. (link)
  • An elementary school in Morganville, NJ, has a weekly pledge of allegiance to the school, the school district, and the teachers, promising to respect (without requiring honor), to try (without requiring success), and to be proud (without requiring achievement). (link)
  • A high school student in Spencer, NC, was shouted down by his teacher for having political opinions that differed from hers; the teacher of felt the student's observation that the president was just a man and "not a god" was "disrespecting."(link)