Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Change Your Life So I Don't Have To Change Mine

First it was John McCain, now it’s petitioning Muslims on Wikipedia. Both want to restrict other people’s behaviors because they’re too weak-willed to change their own.

  1. John McCain: McCain found that, when bankers wanted to pay for air travel for him and his family, he just couldn't say no. He wanted to, he really wanted to, but he just couldn’t. He understands why it looked improper (main reason it looked improper: because it was improper), but he was powerless to stop it.

    Looks improper.

    Of course, just because he can’t control himself is no reason to think he shouldn’t be trusted with controlling the armed forces, the economy, or even a soft serve ice cream machine.

    Can get out of control.

    All Johnny needs is for you to stop having so many rights. Taking bribes is a lot harder when no one is free to bribe you. So surrender your right to free speech so John McCain can keep himself out of trouble.

  2. Islam has been around for nearly 1,300 years, and while it was once acceptable for Muslims to depict Mohammed in art, today it’s such a horrible thing that it requires the burning of a Danish flag. Why is it so bad? Because of the Ten Commandments prohibition against graven images. Muslims don’t have an Amish-like phobia of pictures in general, just pictures of Mohammed. So what’s the difference between a picture and a graven image? Anything can be a graven image to the person who decides to worship it. A picture of Mohammed is just a picture to me, so why can’t I put one on Wikipedia?

    Just a picture.

    But because a Muslim might accidentally worship a picture of Mohammed, non-picture worshippers can’t flaunt those pictures. Even though the ones on Wikipedia were created by Muslims. Seven hundred years ago.

    Sometimes I wonder why modern Muslims have such a beef with modern Americans. They both deny the existence of personal responsibility. Americans say, “McDonald’s got me fat,” and Muslims say, “Women who aren’t covered by a sheet make me think naughty thoughts.” It seems like they should get along famously.


JT said...

I once heard a fundamentalist Muslim tell me that the sheet wasn't for the men, but rather to control the overwhelming sexual urges of women. Seriously. My thought was, man Muslim women are sure a different sort.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

So what your saying is I should've gotten me a Muslim woman. I keed! I keed!

JT said...
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