Saturday, February 23, 2008

Redbox Plus and Minus

Plus: each movie only costs us a dollar (fifty cents for each of us), which is a great deal considering that most movies are crap. My number one complaint about nearly every movie we see is "I can't believe I just spent [dollar figure] on that." Now that number is incredibly low.

Minus: renting from Redbox is like going through a Hollywood Video in a single-file line. All the stupid decisions that the rank-and-file idiots make now have to happen slowly right in front of you before you can take your thirty-second turn with the machine. I stood for three minutes to return a movie today while a McDonald's employee on her break browsed through all the movie options twice.

Right now we're watching "Premonition," and, despite its incredible suckage, I'm fine with it because it only cost us fifty cents each. But it's going to take me more than fifty cents of my time to return the movie to the machine tomorrow.

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JT said...

So did you know that you can rent it online and then just go pick it up? Granted, you still have to wait in line until the idiots figure that out, but at least you can laugh more at their ineptness.