Sunday, February 17, 2008

Super Problem Child

Cristin: they diagnosed his heart problems stemming from a heart murmur when he was born. They listened again a day or so later, then again at the doctor's office the next week. When it hadn't gone away, they had Persephone take him down to Kansas City to have some imaging of his heart done. She went on Friday, expecting it to be an appointment, but it turned into admitting him to the hospital. The doctors explained everything to Persephone since she was there, so all I know about it I've heard from her. Evidently his heart is supposed to get a rating of 90 on some sort of measurable event, but it only gets a 5. (Good journalism practice would require me to spell out the word "five," but I'm a blogger, so good journalism practice can go screw itself.)

So he's getting his balloon treatment on Tuesday, evidently. (They keep calling it a procedure, but I'm pretty sure that's just because parents don't respond well to the word "operation." Procedures can be something like getting new windshield wiper blades installed; operations are like Desert Storm.)

That's all we know right now. We blessed Stoic Sam in the hospital today. Both his grandfathers and my Kansas brother were there to help.


Cristin said...

Oh, I get your blog nicknames for all your kids confused... okay makes sense now, but still... I hope everything goes okay. Sounds scary to me.

JT said...

I am sorry to hear about these new developments. We'll keep him in our prayers.