Friday, February 29, 2008

Utah Companies

What is it with Utah businesspeople? Why are they such fools? First there were the companies that edited R-rated movies (requiring the owner/operators to watch untold hours of R-rated movies) and then there was Dell Shanze, who’s in a class of his own. Now there’s this company, that allegedly waterboarded a member of their sales team to give him motivation.

I always thought Mormons were good businesspeople. According to this New York Times article my brother-in-law forwarded to me,

“In the elite East Coast worlds where Romney has made his career, Mormonism signifies personal rectitude, professional competence and an idiosyncratic-but-impressive rejection of alcohol and caffeine. If anything, the systematic overrepresentation of Mormons among top businesspeople and lawyers affords LDS affiliation a certain cachet--rather like being Jewish, but taller.”

Do Super Dell (or, as he prefers it to be written, SUPERDELL) and Prosper, Inc. afford us “a certain cachet”?


JT said...

After my last job, I will never knowingly work for another Mormon small business owner. Multiple times I have seen businesses act as the owner's personal ATMs at the significant disadvantage of the employees. I may work for another Mormon in a large corporation where some checks exist on their power, but that remains to be seen. Overwhelmingly my observation is that they lie, cheat, steal, dig a pit for their neighbor, and otherwise act unethically in order to make a buck. Even the church news took notice and published an article a month or so ago that dealt with trusting LDS business people simply because they were LDS.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I've written before about how I actively avoid LDS people in business because I don't want to end up having anger or awkwardness when things go bad. I feel bad for that, because I'm basically making them lose money because of their religion, and I feel even worse because it's MY religion too, but I know people like you, or my brother-in-law's brother, or the ward mission leader in the first ward I was in as a missionary, who'd been screwed over by "upstanding" members of the ward and it's bad for their testimonies and bad for their families. I don't want that.

Cristin said...

Yeah, I've been hardened by doing legal work in Utah where every business owner suing the other business owner was LDS. We would actually have clients call and tell us about bad experiences in testimony meeting about the other person standing up and bearing a testimony full of "hidden messages" that was directed against them.

Then again, I mean, Mormons are human too. Their going to make mistakes and do stupid things like every other religion.