Thursday, March 06, 2008

Child Care Tips

Wow, lunch is pretty entertaining today. So far I've read the following:

  1. A Kansas man (woo-hoo, Kansas!) wanted to show his girlfriend's children how to have a good time without having to spend money, so he put them in the dryer.
  2. A Florida woman took a little girl to a car wash to use the high pressure hose on her. She was overheard saying this would teach the girl to respect her. I disagree.
  3. A family picnic in the park turned into a baseball bat murder (isn't that how they always end?) for these Houstonians (read: former New Orleanians?). A minor traffic accident led to a confrontation, which then led to fired shots and a baseball bat beating. Like most minor traffic accidents.
  4. An Arizona teen shot his father for restricting his time on MySpace. This dad could have saved himself had he gone to more schooling, which would have made his son more likely to kill him over Facebook instead.

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