Friday, March 28, 2008


I put our kids in charge of recycling last week. At first, their only concern was that they would have to carry the stuff to the recycling center, which is about three miles from our house. When I told them we would drive them, they were 100% behind the idea.

Then I read this article today about an entirely different level of recycling. I don’t think I’m ready to go there yet. I mean, I care about the environment and crap, but not that much. After all, I used to be a Republican (back when that used to mean something besides “warmongering Democrat”).


Nancy said...

love that article. especially the part where the founder of freecycles wife only lets him give stuff away. oh, and dumpster diving would be gross, especially i nyc where, according to csi:ny, dead bodies are often found.

my grandma eyre would salvage stuff from dumpsters all the time. maybe that's why mt brother collects other people's junk.

Erik said...

I like how being a back alley bum has a trendy new name and accepted "lifestyle" to go with it.

UnWanted Knowledge said...

i agree with erik... they just renamed the word "cheap"