Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Down and Out in New York and Los Angeles

First we had the news that able-bodied Americans were delaying retirement because of the horrible economy. Then we had news that people are so poor that mothers are breastfeeding to avoid "outrageous grocery store prices" (as Troy McClure would say) on baby formula. Today the news is that Americans who've tied up too much of their wealth in assets are starting to unload those assets. Oh Noes! The Great Depression, she be back!

I just tried to read the entire article and I couldn't. When I read, "One former affluent customer is now unemployed and had to unload Hermes leather jackets and Versace jeans and silk shirts," I nearly puked, even though all I had for breakfast this morning was a granola bar. Maybe it was because I can't afford food!!!! It wasn't. But it could have been!!!! But it wasn't. It was because I was too lazy to wake up on time to eat breakfast and still make my bus. But I'm riding the bus because the economy is in shambles! Shambles!

This article's writer, Anne D'Innocenzio, who somehow managed to get the title of "business writer," concludes that, since listings on Craigslist have "soared" 70 percent since last July, it's because everyone's one step away from the bread line. Perhaps it's because of news stories which are announcing to people living under rocks that Craigslist exists (like this article about Freecycle). Nothing causes soaring usage more than public awareness of existence.

I read an article today about consumer confidence nosediving in the past year, and yesterday I read an article about the lack of food shortages in America, written with almost palpable disappointment.

The real story is that media make people feel horrible about things that aren't bad, and then they report on the fact that everyone feels horrible. Now, if you'll excuse me, Rosasharn is going to nurse me in a boxcar.


Nancy said...

What/Who is Rosasharn?

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

And you call yourself an English teacher.

Cristin said...

Breastfeeding!? The horror! These poor people, the things they must resort to are sickening!

Erik said...

Sounds like Nance needs to go read the Grapes of Wrath... Funny how the boys remeber the closing chapter of the book more then the girls do, I wonder why that is. Hmmm. Seriously Nance, an English teacher? Tisk Tisk!