Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby in a Coffin

A few weeks ago I opened up (and got it to load, instead of the crap it usually tries to pull when the page is completely blank but the bottom corner of my browser says “done”) and I saw an exclusive news story (read: regurgitation of material from The National Inquirer) that quoted an anonymous source that said Patrick Swayze would be dead within five weeks. The next day another news story confirmed that he was sick but denied the five weeks timeline. So I did what any responsible person would do: I took my calendar, marched off five weeks into the future and wrote “Patrick Swayze should be dead.”

Today I turned my calendar over to April (I can safely be categorized as “a little slow”) and noticed that Patrick’s big day is next Thursday, which conveniently corresponds to an exam I have in linear algebra. So how accurate was the first news story (or, Patrick’s doctor’s guess)? We’ll find out in eight days!


Cristin said...

I think I will put a countdown calendar on my blog.

Nancy said...

Not really being a big Patrick Swayze fan, I haven't seen him in many movies... mainly just "Dirty Dancing" which was always on tv growing up. So I still picture him being in his thirties. It's crazy that he's dying (possibly dead) from cancer. It's like I can't believe that Krissy from Three's Company is in her 60s. And someone else I just read about is super old and I had no idea.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Someone who's super old and you had no idea: you.
(I'm just sayin'.)