Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where's My God Now? He's Sitting Right Here, Doing What I'm Doing.

It makes sense that global warming proponents argue that man is responsible for climate change. After all, who else are they going to blame? Past cataclysmic climactic events were pinned on God, but since God has been replaced by man, then man must get the blame for the things that used to be blamed on God.

This also explains why modern Americans sue someone, anyone, for what used to be termed “acts of God.” Hurricane Katrina? Bush’s anti-Kyoto stance caused it. And the answer to the age-old question “Why am I so fat?” is conveniently now “McDonald’s.”


JT said...

I love that logic. Since God doesn't exist, then we can't blame Him for anything anymore. Just wait until the insurance adjusters get this in court... they will be lobbying for His reinstatement as a national figure.

Nancy said...

Isn't "acts of God" still part of insurance coverage when referring to floods, earthquakes, etc. Or have they removed Him from that as well?