Thursday, April 24, 2008

Youngest Grandma - International Edition

If you want to be the world's youngest grandma, you're going to have to bring your A game. Waiting until you're 20 to have your baby really sets you back. While this British bird gave it all she had, she simply couldn't bring the heat.
(Aside: people searching for "youngest grandma" is actually one of the main traffic generators for my blog. Seriously. So I think it deserves its own post label now, instead of lumping them in with "idiots" where they belong.)


Nancy said...

These grandmas look sort of haggard. I guess becoming a grandma at 34 or 35 doesn't come from an easy life.

Anonymous said...

I'm 28, I have a 17 yr old son whom I adopted 7 years ago. He informed me last week that he and his girlfriend are 6 months pregnant! They are having a baby girl and she is due on my birthday. I won't even be 30 and I have yet to have any biological children of my own.