Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Entirely Different New Format

How's this: The Blog of American Decadence?

I read crap like this and I want to stab somebody in the neck. Are these people really so self-absorbed that they think people should feel sorry for them when they have to make conscious economic decisions instead of just spending money until they get tired? People used to have the common sense to know not to complain about such things out loud because everyone who heard them would think they were stupid. Now, however, when newspapers write, "She'd already given up organic meat and decided to buy organic milk only for her 2-year-old son, not for the whole family," they call their friends and say, "Watch for my article in the Post!"

The vapid centerpiece of this story give permission to be quoted in the newspaper saying things like, "I just can't feed my family the way I'd like to feed them." When news stories like this are reprinted in the Third World, readers probably think they are parody pieces.

Last night while Crazy Jane and I were reading The Long Winter (the sixth "Little House" book from Laura Ingalls Wilder), we read of how Laura gave Ma a Christmas present for keeping hair in. Evidently when Ma brushed her hair she was supposed to take the loose hair out of the brush and keep it in this box for later use. I asked Crazy Jane, "Have you ever had to save your extra hair?" She said, "No." I muttered, "You live a decadent lifestyle."


Erin said...

So what did they use the extra hair for? Stuffing pillows or mattresses? Yuck. I have the first season of the original Little House on the Prairie if you think your kids would like it. I could never get my kids interested in it, but we didn't get past "Little House in the Big Woods" and I think the tv series starts up after that.

Heather Payne said...

At the Beehive house in Salt Lake City they have these intricate lace wreaths hanging on the wall that are woven entirely from hair. Apparently it was quite the rage back in the day. Extra credit school project for Ella? She's living the decadent life when she just rolls her extra hairs into a ball and THROWS THEM AWAY! What is this world coming to?