Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Solve All Your Problems

Last year some time I wrote a post about friends with whom I’d lost contact. In response, two of those friends found the blog post, commented, and now I’m back in contact with them. (And the rest of the friends I’ve listed are obviously good for nothing!)

This is almost too easy! All I have to do is complain loudly enough and other people will do all the hard work for me. Other things I want someone else to fix:

  • my inability to fall asleep
  • my lack of motivation for getting out of bed in the morning
  • my chronic boredom
  • the back tire of my bicycle
  • the broken hinge on the back window of our car
  • all my genealogy that I have to type into New Family Search
  • my son’s inability to say anything without yelling it
  • my wife’s not-so-secret hatred of homeschooling
  • the dearth of serious candidates for the presidency

So seriously, people, just divvy them out and get to work. I’ll check back in a couple hours to see how you’re doing.


JT said...

Okay, I've got the presidential candidate one worked out. I will be 35 during the next presidential election cycle. I'll just run on a serious platform like no more government intrusion into anything. Wait, that won't fix your problem. Sorry, I'm worthless.

Cristin said...

Why does your wife do homeschooling if she hates it? Are you forcing her to do that?

Rachel Clare said...

1. take Lunesta. There will be little butterflies in your room all night long.
2. have N. put snakes in your bed. It'll get you up in no time flat.
3. Chronic boredom: buy a rubik's cube. You probably already have one. Try to beat my record of 68 seconds. No, I'm not kidding.
4. ... um, I've lost track.
5. Homeschooling: STOP. Your kids may just be complete social retards at the end if you continue. Plus, she hates it. LET IT GO!
6. I can't remember any of the others.

Good luck! (When are you guys coming to CA?? We'd love to see you! Don't go before mid-July, okay?