Friday, May 02, 2008

The Mark of Greatness

What do Clarence Thomas and I have in common? I'll give you a hint: it's not being black. Still can't guess?

Twenty years ago we both loved the movie "Short Circuit." As he writes in his memoir, My Grandfather's Son,

A few weeks later, the two of us went to an early-afternoon movie, Short Circuit. I found it hilarious, though Virginia seemed more amused by my laughter than the movie. (181-2)

Shortly afterward, they were married. No doubt thanks to the hilarity of Number 5.


Cristin said...

That is hilarious. (The book quote, not the movie. Sorry Steve Guttenburg.)

Erik said...

Jonny 5 is alive...! Seroiosly that was one of my favorite movies when I was groing up. Now thinking back on it, it is funny to think that Jonny 5 was made to hand carry a nuke down main street Moscow. Boo the evil ruskies. Speaking of the Reds, do you remember the movie Ruskies! Another 1980s classic.