Saturday, June 07, 2008


Isn't it great when you all comment and I can comment back? It makes my blog seem less sad, like people actually care about the opinions I'm spouting out into the ether.

Cristin: My wife has already set me up on, but all I've been able to glean from it is that a lot of people search the Internet for "world's youngest grandma," and many of those people end up coming to my blog.

JT: You love stats? Yes, you do need help. I can't stand stats, and my "victory lap" in stats this summer isn't doing anything to change that opinion.

Rachel: overachiever.

Ashby: I can forgive you for thinking another blog is better than mine (since it is), but I can never forgive you questioning the superiority of Velveeta. The cheese is so creamy! And because I don't see a half-a-stick of butter going into the pot, I can convince myself that it's healthier for me, too.

Jesica: Thanks.

Barney: Nope.

Nance: If you keep commenting on my blog, my wife is going to start suspecting something.

Mofra: Ah, In-N-Out. I am aware of the greatness of In-N-Out. My wife once limited me to only one In-N-Out stop on each vacation, because it was my goal to eat at every location we passed. But since we left California in 2005, it's not been an option for us. I guess I should have clarified and said Velveeta is the greatest meal I can make for myself.

Eastman: I am intrigued by your like of Oklahoma. It seems like a hotter, drier, more-hickish, less-Abolitionist version of Kansas. I've never been to Ulysses, Kansas, yet. It was on our plans for this summer, but lots of stuff had to get moved around and that ended up killing the Utah trip that would have gotten me 34 new counties in Kansas, Colorado, and Nevada. With high gas prices and summer school classes, that trip hasn't really been replaced. Now I'm going to be lucky to finish Missouri later this summer (which will be my third completed state).

See, everyone? Isn't it more fun when we all comment?

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