Monday, June 23, 2008

Finding Lurve

Some people think no one should be denied a chance to find love. Not me. The freaky should die sad and alone as penance for their freakiness.

Case in point: White Owl, the local idiot celebrity here in Lawrence who ruins every sporting event and even graduation with his "free spirit" dancing. He just sits around up on campus and has a bunch of freshman potheads who think he's a poet or something, when really he's just a bum. Evidently, the 61 year-old White Owl is engaged to a 22 year-old budding idiot. They've known each other for a month. And the grossest part of all: the Kansan article discusses their planned sex life. I've never been prouder to no longer be on their staff.


JT said...

I think that uglies should not reproduce. Hopefully his swimmers won't make their mark on the world through his idiot fiancee. I am not opposed to the disparity in age (reserving this right for the future), but just that they are so out of touch.

Erik said...

The best part is some of the comments posted on the boards. One Awesome one is: "He's got Old Balls"...nothing can top that, so I won't even try. Seriously, that budding idot's parents must be SOO proud of what their daughter has grown up to be. I guess if I was White owl, I would be feelin pretty freakin awesome about right now.

Erik said...

Hey Old Balls, what's with this whole Gustbuster Sucks comment? I'm out of the loop on this one.