Saturday, June 07, 2008

Flint Hills

In a previous post I mentioned the Flint Hills, which is the nicest part of Kansas. Well, this mention drew the attention of someone who likes the Flint Hills even more than I do: Dr. Bill. He is involved in a Flint Hills travel and tourism website and he asked if I'd see fit to link to it. Of course I will, since I sort of borrowed their picture last week. If any of you are thinking, "The Flint Hills are pretty, but I'm not sure there's anything to do there," a few minutes at either website will make you eat those very words.
Also, Dr. Bill tipped me off to a National Geographic article about the Flint Hills. Since National Geographic is a heartless profit machine I don't have to apologize to anyone for linking to their article. They should be apologizing to me and giving me free music downloads. At least, that's what I gather from listening to some of my economics students last semester.
However, I'm still stuck looking for a really great Flint Hills picture. I guess that's because everyone likes something different about it. I like in April or May when you head out west of Topeka and you look to the south of the Interstate and the rolling hills look like a sea of the brightest green. Another great place to see is looking west from the road into Manhattan, or driving through Greenwood County. I'll have to take my own picture, or make Persephone take it, since she likes photography and is better at it than I.

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Thanks for the mention! If you'll try the Google Alert on Blogs with "Kansas Flint Hills" in it, you will get a variety of sites, a couple times a week, specializing in the kinds of photos you are looking for... I've been pleasantly surprised how many there are. I have a poster I would love to give you a copy of, from a few years ago, by Audubon Society, that is just what you described! Enjoy the hunt! ;-)