Thursday, June 05, 2008


I think everyone should post a comment so we know who comes and reads. I imagine the final list will be something like this: my wife today or tomorrow, Justin tomorrow or Monday, Cristin early next week, Rachel late next week, Erik in two weeks, and no one else.

Having said that, I’m probably way over-estimating my number of readers. Setting the self-flattery aside, it will really be more like this: my wife next week, Justin in three weeks, and no one else.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if it really was something like 35 readers, including all of my former high school friends, mission companions, classmates, students, and/or former girlfriends who check in periodically to see if my wife is alive or dead?

Work is incredibly boring, so I’m going to try to come up with something else. Let’s see.... Oh, the deadly weather hasn’t started yet. I’ve ridden my bike to school, and then to work, and my wife’s taken the two sentient kids to their swimming lesson, and still no Mother of All Atmospheric Disturbances. I have to go back to school in two hours, then home two hours after that. I wonder if I’ll be able to bike it, or if I’ll have to take the bus.

I think Amy Winehouse is a fictional character invented by Paula Abdul’s publicist so Abdul always has a foil to make her crazy antics look sane. So Abdul went loco at an airport? Well at least she’s not shooting H with pre-schoolers like Winehouse!

Math is a demoralizing subject because once you’ve learned how to count, all the rest of it is just a fancy extension.

Last semester one of the correct answers on my students’ test was “too much.” Nearly two-thirds of them wrote “to much,” and one student wrote “2 much."

Many states’ county totals are multiples of 11. There’s New Mexico (33), Idaho (44), West Virginia (55), South Dakota (66), Oklahoma (77), Ohio (88), and Iowa (99). This makes it possible to be done with exactly the same percentage of each state at the same time, which would be slightly cool. However, my real completion percentages are New Mexico (81.82%), Idaho (0.00%), West Virginia (47.27%), South Dakota (0.00%), Oklahoma (16.88%), Ohio (46.59%), and Iowa (33.33%). Our summer plans include getting five more Iowa counties (38.38%) and 14 South Dakota counties (21.21%).

Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese is the tastiest meal known to man.


Cristin said...

You should go to, post the code on your page and then you can see who visits, when, and how they found your page. I think it would surprise you.

JT said...

So am I that predictable? Okay, so I get bored easily and love reading your posts. Thank you again for restarting despite the long lag and the dissatisfaction with blogging. Your public needs and wants you.

So.. I agree with the Amy Winehouse gag. No one could be that insane, wait, maybe Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan.

I hate math and love stats. I can't reconcile the two. I need help...

Rachel Clare said...

Ha! I'm posting early!

I think you're totally RANDOM.

Rachel Clare said...

PS. I'm glad you guys aren't dead yet.

Leslie said...

I beg to differ - KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is better! I read your blog, but I read Nancy's more - it's a better read. :)


Jesica Eastman said...

I find you witty and charming.

Amber Barney said...

I read your post and you don't even know me! I'm Jesica's friend. You do know Jesica, right? Thanks for the entertaining post.

Nancy said...

7 comments! Way to go.

My problem is that I use Google Reader now... so while I read everything, I comment less. Plus, most of my comments I just say to you in real life.

Mofra said...

Ok, so I read your blog not be decieved by the lack of comments, it is not indicaive to your readership.

It is freaky-wierd about the states and I disagree with the velveeta cheese comment. Everyone knows that the most fullfilling meal known to man, or woman is an In & Out Cheeseburger and Fries with grilled onions and a chocolate shake.

Perhaps you haven't made it out of Kansas, Dorothy?

And Math is so great because it is an extention of counting...

Eastman's World said...

I love Kansas! My sister lives there. My other sister died and is buried there. My brother lives there. But really I like Oklahoma more.
And I think that tornadoes are beautiful if they don't hit your home or trailer park!

Erik said...

Hey Its a week and half, I beat your estimate by half a week!